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    PI as a Process Data Server


      Dear All,


      I about to use PI as Process data server to collect/receive data from different third party devices, firewall/security and protection of data is of high priority, data will be coming into PI from SOE (ESDs),FGS ---- ICSS


      kindly give hint on how PI will integrate all this data, a typical architecture will be welcomed.


      Warm regards

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          Gbolahan Lawal

          data will be coming into PI from SOE (ESDs),FGS ---- ICSS

          I am just not sure what do all the abbrevations stand for, I tried searching a bit but I am not getting any results that seems to be directly related here.


          We use interfaces to collect data from different datasources into PI server, the specific interface will depend on what device you are collecting data from. If you are not sure that a good place to start would be to do a search here.


          A good architecture is like the following diagrams, using PI OPC interface as an example collecting data from a OPC server


          Interface together with data source


          Interface on a seperate machine but able to access the data source


          What is recommended is that the interface is close to the data source, because data from interface to PI can be buffered on the interface. In case there is a network failure or PI system goes down, data will be buffered temporarily on the interface and sent to PI when the problem is goes away.


          Firewall can be between PI server and interface, allowing connection from interface to PI via port 5450. Connection is initiated from the interface to PI server, so you do not need to open up ports for traffic into the network where the devices are located, which security very important in most cases.


          You can also configure security on the PI server to ensure that only users with appropriate rights can view the data in the PI server, for that I would recommend that you go through the PI System Manager 1 training, available as an Online Course in the Training Center,  


          Not too sure if this is something that you are looking for, hope this helps =)

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            Emergency Shutdown systems should be isolated from any system whatsoever. I.e. from security and failure point of view you are not allowed to connect anything to it.


            Cheers, Milé