Summary function on PointList

Discussion created by lchaylian on Feb 24, 2010
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Some days ago I requested your help to retrieve more than one value for a tag or a value for a list of tags, in that case exact values and I got your recommendations, but now I need to do the same but using the total function, we have an excel with more than 300 tags for a montly value in this case for January and February and it takes 9 minutes using pt.Data.Summary(dtStart, dtEnd, astTotal, cbEventWeighted) where pt is PIPoint and I tried to use:

ptlist.Data.Summary(dtStart, dtEnd, astTotal, cbTimeWeighted, nvError, Nothing)

but seems to be not implemented yet.


Can you advise me on how to retrive a value for a list of tags or how can I do my readings more efficiently using a summary function like total?