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    Bulk edit tags to change the server


      Hi All,


      We have two PI Servers. Server1 and Server2.


      A processbook was created in Server1. The display has a number of values, multistate symbols.


      Is it possible to replace Server1 in each tagname by Server2 so the processbook will work in Server2 without individually going through each tag?


      The instrument tags remain the same.





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          Asle Frantzen

          Hello Joseph


          This is really a Techsupport question, so please contact them to get a 100% accurate answer!




          I'm not a ProcessBook guru, but I think it depends if you're doing a one-time converting job - going from OldPIServer to NewPIServer, or if you want to create a parallell set of ProcessBook files for Server2. If you're converting, I guess you'll just set up a server alias in the PI SDK connections dialog, so that calls to the old server is routed to the new server. If you want a parallell set I'm not really shure how to do this.

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            Morning Joseph,


            There are two ways I can think of. Firstly the geek way: write a vba script that loops through each symbol and change the point name to the new server. Two the quick and dirty way: remove all references to Server1 in the connections (About-SDK -> Connections) then open the display in process book, you will be prompted for a new server; select Server 2 from the drop down list; check the display and save.

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                Is Server2 restored on another set of hardware from the backup of Server1? If it is the case, then you can just follow Michael's suggestion 2.


                If not, for example a case where Server2 is a new server after Server 1 is merged with another server, then it would be good to go into \Program Files\PIPC\dat\procbook.ini, and change the setting "PB2TagResolution=0" to "PB2TagResolution=1" before doing that.


                This is to tell ProcessBook to resolve tags on the new server using tagname before using pointid. This can avoid cases where the a tag has different pointid on Server1 and Server2, and ProcessBook resolves to the wrong point based on pointid.

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                    Asle Frantzen

                    Sweet tip, Han! I've been looking for functionality like that.


                    We're often asked by customers to convert (to SVG) and adapt (resolution-wise) ProcessBook-files so they can be used in Sharepoint, and one of the guys here did it with appr. 40 files before noticing that it picked tag by point id - instead of tagname. And after that we've really only had two options - either get a virtualized copy of the customers entire PI Server, or doing the converting job on one of the computers at the customers.

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                  You may want to take a look here for the PI ProcessBook Support Tool.


                  From the manual:

                  Tag Search and Replace

                  This Tool is used to change symbols’ tag names in PI ProcessBook files. It is intended to assist with migrating displays and workbooks from one PI Server to another or with changes to tag names.