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    ActiveView controlability?


      Hi All,


      Do you have much control over the ActiveView control when hosted in a VS2008-developed WinForm application?  I have it loading a PDI file and it would be nice to be able to control the start/end time and to be able to maximize it in the control it lives in.


      If not, then what alternatives are there to be able to programmatically control a Process Book display when hosted in .Net?


      Thanks for any advice.



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          Hi Corey,


          I just posted a response to another question of yours about the ActiveView OCX...


          You can pass time parameters to a display that is calling the acview.exe using a variety of methods, but it isn't a property of the OCX itself... rather, it's related to the object model of the display and executable. The PI WebParts product, for example, sends time parameters to the PI ActiveView web part they deliver from another web part on the page.


          Do you need a code example? (I'm the mouth, not the brains, of this operation...)