How to adding Library using by VBA code

Discussion created by ssaputro on Feb 27, 2010
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Does anyone know how to add library using VBA code (in PI-ProcBook)? 


Where I work PI Displays are opened 24/7 and often when the displays have been updated in the public directory, people don't realize they still looking at outdated displays.  So the idea is to add VBA code in all displays to use FileSystemObject library to check periodically in the folder whether it (itself, i.e. the open file) has been updated recently.  But the code needs to be programatically added to the displays so I need a way to add the FileSystemObject libraryby CODE, - NOT manual add (Tool->References).


Note: I found some syntax to do in Microsoft VBA (excel, access), but the code doesn't work with Procbook.


Thanks in advance!