ActiveView in IE getting displays via IPoSM

Discussion created by AlistairFrith on Mar 2, 2010
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We have developed a dashboard system for a customer whereby they use ActiveView in Internet Explorer to display pre-configured dashboards that are held on a central web server.


The problem we have is that they often need to access these from 'the field' using Citrix over a 3G connection. I liken this to using IP over Smoke Signals. Ie it is Slooooooooow, taking up to 2 minutes to load a display! Obviously once loaded, the caching makes it much quicker to revisit the display but they are understandibly unhappy with the initial load times, which do seem to be directly related to the display file size.


I don't think there is much I can do to make the displays smaller, the larger ones are around 600k. However, it did occur to me that these display zip rather nicely, the larger one zips down to 140k. Is it possible to get the web server to serve these files in a compressed form and get the browser or ActiveView to uncompress them on the client?




--- Alistair