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    Auto change tags in PITrend


      Hi All,


      When a PI Trend (PITrend1_Sheet1) is inserted in excel worksheet, two object are created PIArchiveData1_Sheet1 and PIExcelData1_Sheet1 if we chose the data source to be both PI and worksheet respectively .


      Is there any way to modify/add/remove tags in PIArchiveData1_Sheet1 and change the range in PIExcelData1_Sheet1 in VBA?


      This is useful when dealing with reports that require different tags and excel source data range.




      Please reply




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          Hi Joe,


          There is, OSI documentation should help (...\PIPC\Help\PITrendAuto.chm).  You want to focus on to the AddQuerySpecs method to set the range for a PIDAXL.PIExcelData object and the DataSourceEnvironments object for the actual PITrend.




          Dim obj as OLEObject
          Set obj = Me.OLEObjects("PIExcelData1_Sheet1")
          obj.Object.AddQuerySpecs "$A$1:$C$3", True


          Hope the OSI author doesn't take offence, but the documentation for this type of manipulation is not the best - I had to learn a lot of it the hard way...

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              Thanks Rhys . The above code worked for me.


              For removing and adding the tags , this is the code I used.


              Sheet1.PIArchiveData1_Sheet1.RemoveQuerySpec "servername","oldtag"


              Sheet1.PIArchiveData1_Sheet1.AddQuerySpec "servername", "newtag"


               Eventhough looks simle , such example can be added in OSISoft Documentation.


              I wasn't able to modify existing tag (hence the reason for using removequeryspec instead of changing tag name to newtag)