Idea's and wishes for vCampus Live! 2010

Discussion created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Mar 2, 2010
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Matt Miller anounced the dates for vCampus Live! 2010 in San Francisco last week.


Some idea's have been popping up from the community to make vCampus 2010 an interesting and educating event. OSIsoft really values our input on this, so we should provide the input.


Some of the idea's that have been proposed:

  • Short talk sessions. A few short talks (10 - 20 mins each) about different subjects. This could be educating or fun subjects involving PI or programming. These could take place during (lunch) breaks (3 votes)
  • Competative programming / Challenge. I programming challenge involving PI. Maybe a challenge that starts some time before the Live event, and could be completed (in teams) at the event itself. Maybe OSIsoft could provide some price? (3 votes)
  • Geek Corner. A relaxing area with a nice place to sit, chat and relax with your fellow geeks. Maybe some Xboxes / toys and access to some PI systems to play around with. This could be a nice place to get to know some CTP software, or some parts of the PI system people are not familair with. (3 votes)
  • Rountable session about new Visualisation Efforts A session where OSIsoft staff and vCampus members can discuss the new efforts involving creating a new Visualisation Application. This should be a very interactive brainstorming and discussion session. (3 votes)
  • One-on-one architecture sesssions with key developers on new technologies.  Kind of like the roundtable idea, but on any subject.  We always have one-on-one rooms that can be scheduled at the event for specific meetings. (1 vote)

You can provide idea's in this topic, and they will be added to the topic start post. Next to that, please show your support/dislike for any of the idea's so we can 'vote' for the most populair idea's.


Let's show our support and involvement to this great event!