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    PI Time limitations?

    Asle Frantzen

      A client of ours uses ProcessBook for displaying production data - and wants to limit the current view to the time of the current shift.


      They run 12 hour shifts, from 7 am to 7pm is the day shift - and the night shift is the opposite.


      Their wish was - unless I'm completely misunderstanding - to have a new, user-configurable time litteral. In addition to 'T' for today, and 'Y' for yesterday, they wish to have a 'Shift' variable so that they can write:

      Start: 'Shift'
      End: 'Shift+12h'

      for shift 1, and

      Start: 'Shift+12h'
      End: 'Shift+24h'

      for shift 2. Now, the 'Shift' variable could be defined as 'T+7h' for the day shift - but that's not really the challenge here. The challenge is the night shift, starting at 7 pm one day, and ending at 7 am the next day. Here, there 'Shift' variable would be defined at 'T+19h' untill midnight, and 'Y+19h' after midnight - since the 'T' and 'Y' variables change their values after that.


      If there could be a user-configurable time variable, we could define that to not change its value until 7 hours have passed - into the new day.




      Of course, I've already offered to add a bit of VBA code to the ProcessBook file - to always show the current shift, based on the time of day it's been opened. And earlier I've made Sharepoint shift report sites for other customers doing something similar - with javascript code based on the tips I got from Andreas in this thread - but they have stated that they have so many different users, different ProcessBook files, etc. that the don't want a custom coded version like this.


      Any ideas on this topic? I'm pretty shure that working night shifts is something a lot of PI customers do, so surely someone must have dealt with this before?