Problem with PI digital tags

Discussion created by formerpigeek on Mar 12, 2010
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One of our customers has a problem in some of their PI digital tags. The digital tags do not show the values from their configured digital set, but the values from the SYSTEM digital set. For example, their digital set defined in PI server as:


Digital set: Dset1
State       State Name
0             ERR
1             ON
2             OFF
3             INS
4             No State
5             No State


Digital set: SYSTEM
State       State Name
0             ??????
1             System1
2             TransErr
3             OffScan
10            system10
11            system11


If the current digital state for the tag is 1, the Current Values displayed in SMT for this tag is “System1”, not “ON”. The “System1” is also recorded in the archive. When this tag changes its digital state, the correct digital state will be displayed. Our PI interface is Uniint based interface. I run the interface through the debugger in Visual Studio 2005, the interface sets the digital state correctly and I could not reproduce this problem in our testing system.


Has anyone seen this problem before? Any suggestions to find out what causes this problem?