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    vCampus @ UC 2010

      What exposure will there be of vCampus at the regular UC?  I see there is a slot (Steve giving a talk?) but anything else?

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          I believe Steve is going to promote vCampus at the UC.


          I talked a bit on the phone with him last friday, and we discussed the best options for promoting vCampus. I think we have to clearly stranslate the advantages of vCampus to bussiness advantages.


          I summed them up (also to get a clear idea). I don't know if other vCampus members think alike?


          Alternatively, you can assemble some vCampus members on the UC, and maybe have them recognizable as such (tshirt, special namebadge) , so people can come up to them and ask them about vCampus and they in turn can explain the added value of vCampus.




          Advantages of vCampus subscription:




          1.       Interaction with PI colleague’s across the globe




          Much of the challenges PI users and PI SI’s face may have been solved by other PI experts. With vCampus you have the possibility to ask and interact with PI Experts. This means that some issues that you may face daily, can be solved much easier and with far less time. This saves time and provides less risk. Ultimately, this can save your company money.




          2.       Interaction with OSIsoft staff and developers.




          OSIsoft staff and developers are very active on vCampus. They (together with other vCampus members) can help you solve your issues in a professional way. This also saves time and money!




          3.       Be the first one learn about new developments




          New developments by OSIsoft are announced on vCampus. Frequently, CTP and beta versions of new software is being published on vCampus. This can create opportunities for  your company. With the knowledge (and ability to test them) of new products, you can explore new opportunities for your company or customers. This can create new project opportunities if you are an SI, or enables you to adopt new technology in project/development roadmaps.




          4.       Your opinion matters!




          OSIsoft values the opinion of vCampus members. When a CTP or beta hits vCampus, there is a lot of discussion about product features and requests. OSIsoft takes this very seriously, and vCampus members have the opportunity to be involved in the process.




          I have no idea if this helps J



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            Although OSIsoft vCampus Live! is the principal event for our community, we still have several things planned for the UC.


            1. Steve is presenting at during the product pavillion (all product talks are together this year, so not to compete with other talks).  It will be mentioned in several other talks about data access.


            2. We are having a vCampus focus group to discuss inprovements and changes in the community.  You are all invited!!  This will be on Monday afternoon in the Golden Gate Room.  I will also plan to be able to include others who want to attend remotely.  We will be sending a notice to all members the first 20 responses will be invited to attend.  More to come on that...


            3. vCampus All-Stars Program will be highlighted.  Most likely in the closing session on Wednesday.


            We are considering a few other things, but this is what is confirmed so far.