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    vCampus Focus Group @ 2010 UC


      vCampus Members,


      In a little more than a year, we have developed something meaningful, a community of technology professionals interested in the best ways to write applications and integrate with PI.  The experience in our community is impressive and it continues to literally grow every day.  I want to personally thank-you for contributing to vCampus, it is what makes the community, and what will make the community great! 


      There are new and interesting things on the horizon that we would like to share with you and invite you to shape vCampus in the future.  We are looking at several new features in vCampus and will be updating the site in the upcoming months.  These new features will enable new facilities that will provide even more opportunity for collaboration and content sharing. 


      At the OSIsoft 2010 Users Conference we are planning a vCampus Focus Group Session.  I would like to extend an invitation to you to join this session.  It will be held on Monday afternoon (PST) prior to the UC welcome reception.  As this is primarily on on-line community, I will ensure that those who are interested, but not able to attend in person can participate.  The focus group will discuss how to improve vCampus and increase participation in the community. We will also touch on vCampus Live! 2010 ideas while we are at it.


      Space is limited and we will want to make sure that we have a focused and engaging discussion.  Please let me know if you would like to attend, either in this forum or via email mmiller@osisoft.com.  We are looking forward to another great year on-line!

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          Voted 'Yes'.


          I will have to join in remotely.

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            I will be there providing those inconsiderate volcanoes on Iceland stopping throwing up ash!

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              Asle Frantzen

              I won't be attending the UC, but if I can join in remotely I'd be happy to attend

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                Here are the notes from the meeting.  Thanks again to those who participated!!

                vCampus Focus Group at UC2010

                (Monday, April 26th 2010)

                1. Introductions + general rating of vCampus (7.6/10)
                2. Original vision of vCampus by Steve Pilon
                  1. Community-oriented program that provides everything needed to help in the PI programming and integration space (development software, resources, community)
                3. Focus group mission by Matt Miller:
                  1. Got a general rating of 7.6 to 10 – good, but we need to get higher
                    (16 votes, minimum was 5.5, maximum was 12 capped at 10)
                  2. Brainstorm ideas on how to improve
                  3. Prioritize these ideas and discuss them further, in priority order
                4. Ideas for enhancement (everybody to suggest and prioritize):

                  1. Integration of search engine for tech support and vCampus (16 votes)
                    1. Search engine on vCampus: vCampus Blogs, Tech Support KB Articles, vCampus Forums, Tech Support Downloads
                    2. Categorized search results
                    Summary: OSIsoft is aware of this need and wants it too; it's more of a technology/platform concern at this time.
                    Action: OSIsoft will keep investigating on this.
                  2. Exchanging code that people develop, small groups of people developing something together (13 votes)
                    Summary: We already have something along these lines: Community Projects (see Matt’s post at http://vcampus.osisoft.com/forums/t/980.aspx). You can see projects forums under “Community Projects” in the Discussion Hall, and submit your own projects at vCampus@osisoft.com.
                    Action: We realized that not everybody is aware of these and we need to do a better job at advertising those, including at OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010.
                  3. Add everything you make into vCampus, make it just like MSDN (11 votes)
                    1. Possibility to rely on licensing rather than access to products (“honor-based” type licensing)
                    2. Be inspired by MSDN… they provide EVERYTHING they make
                  4. Summary: various reasons were enumerated as to why not everything (i.e. interfaces) is provided in the vCampus PI Products Kit.
                  5. Integration with other social networks (11 votes)
                    1. Integrate information/tweets/etc. from other website, link to it
                    Summary: We have a Twitter account: http://twitter.com/OSIsoftvCampus.
                    Action: We can look into how we could integrate more of this type of information on our site.
                  6. More integration with tech support (10 votes)
                    1. Forum for “PI Administration” and “End-User” type questions
                    2. Ability create Tech Support tickets from the discussion forums

                    Summary: We had great dialogue around this amongst the participants of the focus group (that included a representative from OSIsoft's Technical Support). We went through some of the reasons why the segregation of topics (focus on PI Programming and Integration, leaving aside the "End-User" and "PI Admin" topics).
                    Action: OSIsoft will keep investigating the possibility of a User Group on these topics, and other integration approaches.

                  7. Take the discussion to another level (more than “tech support”… more of a community feeling) (10 votes)
                    1. One potential issue that was raised by the group about being stimulated and getting more of a community feeling, is the "I’m paying for it, it’s not a true community" feeling…
                      (potential conflict between "paid service" vs. "community")
                    2. Attendees of the focus group agreed that everybody on the community should be enthusiastic at initiating or participating into more "philosophical/architectural" discussions – not just plain “Question & Answer” type exchanges
                    3. Somebody suggested we look into a solution like “(vCampus.)StackExchange.com”, which handles things like ranking, reputation, contribution, etc. in a different (better?) way than vCampus currently does
                    Summary: We discussed the whole "paid service vs. community" issue amongst the group. vCampus is a combination of products, services and “like minded” community. Some members struggle with ongoing contributions in to a paid community. Also, we should definitely look into ways of engaging people on “next level” discussions, and encourage the rest community to foster that too. We should also look into what StackExchange.com can provide to vCampus.

                    Actions: This is a new paradigm and may take some getting used to but OSIsoft should also consider additional approaches.
                  8. Getting notified, RSS feed (8 votes)
                    1. RSS Feeds available for various areas on the website (see the icons)
                    2. Email notifications for forums (http://vcampus.osisoft.com/forums/ForumSubscriptions.aspx)
                    3. Might be good to have:
                      1. Big aggregated RSS feed that includes tech support
                      2. Google News/Reader type of notification (by tag/keyword)
                      Summary: Went through a bit of a tour of the current notification possibilities, which not everybody knew about (RSS feeds on various areas of the website, email notifications (see URL above).
                      Action: We will have to look into the last 2 options with the web team.
                  9. Identify OSIsoft staff (7 votes)

                    Summary: we have not had time to discuss this during the focus group. However, this is a request we already are aware of and it is listed in the web team’s bugs/requests list (see this discussion thread)
                  10. Offer an MVP-type of reward (6 votes)

                    Summary: We do have the vCampus All-Stars Program so we gave an overview to people who weren’t aware of it. This program was announced last year at OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2009 and winners will be announced at OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010 (week of September 13th, 2010).You can read more about this in Matt Miller's recap of the vCampus Live! 2009 event.

                Below are the topics that were suggested but which we did not have time to discuss (due to their prioritization by vote). We encourage you to bring these topics on the "General vCampus Discussions" forum:

                1. Different  tiers of vCampus licensing (more tags, interfaces) (5 votes)
                2. Have a PowerShell forum (3 votes)
                3. Have a Silverlight discussion forum (3 votes)
                4. Clarify Team membership (2 votes)
                5. Different levels of membership (2 votes)