Deploying Datalink Reports via Sharepoint Doc Library

Discussion created by Kenneth.Rice on Mar 18, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2010 by spilon

Hi Folks,


Here is a concept that we are trying to deploy.


1) Create Datalink Reports.


2) Upload the "Report" to a Document library on WSS 3.0


3) End User click a link to the Datalink Report on a WSS 3.0 Site


4) The report opens for the customer on there desktop (Datalink required on Desktop).


This works for me so far, now Im trying to incorporate AF Compatibility Excel Plugin into the concept and get an Error


Has anyone else tried this "report Delivery" method and can share some pros cons or suggestions on different ways to do the same thing.


Datalink for Excel Services is a no go for us at this point in time.


thanks in advance