Ensure that ProcBook Details Pane is visible

Discussion created by cjrancur on Mar 22, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2010 by spilon

I built a Process Book that includes 2 listboxes, one with a list of process areas, and one with a list of key PI tags within those process areas.  When an item in the process area listbox is selected, the related list of PI tags is shown in the second list box.  When a PI tag is selected from the second listbox, an SQC plot and a trend plot are shown in the same ProcBook display for the selected PI tag.  The SQC control limits are defined via custom PI point attributes, which are set programmatically in another program that uses PI OLEDB based upon specs for products currently running.


I want to ensure that the Details pane will always be visible to show tabular data in this Process Book display. I can't find a vba object reference in the online manual for the Details pane. What is the object name for the details pane?  Is there a method that can be called to ensure that the details pane is visible?