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    Testing Excel 2010

    Robert Raesemann

      I tried to install Datalink on a VM that I have running Excel 2010 64 bit and it will not install. Will Datalink work with the 32 bit version or is this a 2010 problem in general?


      I looked at the engineering plan and it looks like the next version of Datalink will be rebranded as Datalink 2010. Any ideas when a beta might be released to vCampus?



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          I know that Datalink works on Excel 2010 32 bits but it is not supported yet.


          However, I see no problems with what you were trying to do, I have not tried installing it just yet (i do not have office 2010 64bits nor do I have a 64 bit os installed right now) but I do remember that sometime before there was a problem with the installer and a newer office version (it was not detected properly) however, you could extract the folder yourselft and it would work if you make sure you install all the requirements.


          (I won't sent you there just yet, but this is more of a techsupport issue )

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            DataLink 2010 and DataLink for Excel Services 2010 FAQ


            1)      Will DataLink work with Microsoft Office 2010?
            The 32-bit version of Excel 2010 is supported with PI DataLink 2010 (4.2).


            2)      Will DataLink work with 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel?
            Currently support is limited to 32-bit versions of Excel only. Development is currently working on support for 64-bit versions of Excel. A release date has not yet been determined, however, it is safe to assume that it will be supported by the end of 2010.


            3)      Will DataLink for Excel Services work with SharePoint 2010
            DataLink for Excel Services 2010 will be supported on SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007


            4)      I have a 64-bit version of Windows? Can I still use DataLink?
            Yes. 32-bit versions of Microsoft Office and DataLink are supported on 64-bit operating systems.


            5)      I have a pre-released version of Microsoft Office 2010. Can I still use DataLink or DataLink for Excel Services?
            In some cases the current released version of DataLink or DataLink for Excel Services will work, however, we cannot support this combination of software and you do so at your own risk.


            6)      Will there be a beta of DataLink 2010 or DataLink for Excel Services 2010?


            7)      When will DataLink 2010 and DataLink for Excel Services be available?
            Both will be available in Q2 2010. The goal is to release each piece of software alongside the Microsoft Office 2010 wave which is currently set for May 2010.


            8)      What’s new in DataLink 2010 and DataLink for Excel Services 2010
            Aside from support for Office 2010 products, DataLink 2010 and DataLink for Excel Services 2010 are now fully internationalizable. Language packs will be available for English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.


            9)      Are there any known limitations?
            Customers using the Excel Batch Add-in are currently advised not to upgrade to Excel 2010 due to incompatibility between the batch search control and Excel 2010.