Resurrecting DevNet CompValGrid, or color coding the details pane

Discussion created by cjrancur on Mar 24, 2010
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In the past, I had modified the previous DevNet application, the Compressed Values Grid, to color code the data according to custom logic based upon comparison to custom PI point attributes.  More than a year ago, compile errors were seen on PB displays that included this ActiveX control.  The errors began when a newer version of OSIsoft's ProcBook was installed, maybe something close to PB


Lately I substituted the Details pane for the ActiveX control in order to revive some of the displays that were broken when this happened. The main goal was to obtain a tabular listing of archived data. Then, management asked how long before color coding could be restored. The information that was previously color coded is still available via annotations.  Unfortunately, the details pane only shows the annotations one at a time, upon a click.


I don't know a way to change the color of a each row in the details pane independently and programmatically.  Is there a way?


Is there a way to append another column into the details pane to show string annotations, and even better, to color code each row based upon the annotations that would be appended in the last column?


Or, should I take another tack and try to debug the original VB6 activeX control?  Does anyone have suggestions?  I'm not sure where to begin to debug the control.  Could start again in vb6, but I don't expect to find any problems there, since nothing that I know of has changed on the VB6 side.  The change was apparently in the interaction between the ActiveX control and newer versions of Process Book.  Not sure how to even locate and define the error, let alone fix it.  Any help or suggestions is appreciated.  Do I need to upgrade the VB6 to vb.net?  And how can I make an equivalent of an ActiveX control in vb.net?  Would that even address or resolve the compatibility problem? 


I want to define my direction better, so I don't wind up heading east from Illinois to try to get to the North pole.  That strategy will never get me there!


Maybe a small clue can get me started.  Or it would be wonderful if someone else has experienced and fixed a similar issue with the former DevNet CompValGrid application or with other VB6 activeX controls that had lost compatibility with recent versions of Process Book.