Processbook identification

Discussion created by matthew.rivett on Mar 26, 2010
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We have very large 'video walls' running many copies of ProcessBook.  Our users develop their own displays and this usually works fine except when it comes to datasets.  Most of the users aren't programmers and creating a good dataset requires some programming knowledge.  So every now and then someone will create a bad dataset (or in one case a display with a huge number of bad datasets) which causes pibasess to get busy and starts throwing tons of errors like this:


[Server] piserver[Collective] picollective[ID] 0 [Time] 3/26/2010 7:23:23 AM [Program] piarcmgr [Priority] 10 [ProcessID] 0 [Severity] None
User query failed, connection: 8212, ptid: 0, type: expcalc, start: 26-Mar-10 06:23:27.91400, end: 26-Mar-10 07:23:27.91400, cnt: 5, mode: 8, status: [-12301] Performance Equation parsing error


I know how to use the connectionid to identify which computer the error is coming from.  Does anyone know of a way to identify which copy of processbook is the one causing the problem?  I've asked for a new performance counter to be added to processbook that would contain a delimited list of displays open in processbook.  Anyone have ideas?