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    ProcessBook as a Screen Savers ?????


      Allright, we are trying to improve communications in our facilities and we were wondering if there is a way you could have multiple process book display setup as a screensavers....  every 30 seconds or so, change to ta different process book file and display whatever data it contains... A


      Any comments will be appreciated.





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          I am not too sure about the "screen saver" aspect of it (I'm not familiar with screen saver development altogether), but I would suggest you take a look at the Display Slideshow item on the vCampus Library (under the Legacy DevNet Content > ProcessBook Add-Ins branch). This is one of the legacy applications that was on the DevNet site before it was decommissioned.


          Maybe somebody on the community has a better one or came up with improvements on this legacy one? Please do not hesitate to post here if you come up with enhancements yourself...


          Hope this helps!

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            You could just use the "clear screen saver" that's out and about.  Leaves the display visible, but with the system still protected.  It was developed in the Win2000 time frame, so support may be spotty now.  However, combined with the Display Slideshow tid bit - you may just have a winner.


            Alternately, it turns out that screen saver development is pretty straight forward.  Screen savers are just pretty vanilla Win32 apps that get launched full screen automatically by the OS, and then have all HID messages intercepted (so you can't have any interaction with them).  A quick search on codeplex (www.codeplex.com) for "screen saver" turns up 18 (at present) projects that would serve as examples.

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              We mounted a tablet on the back of a TV/Monitor and run Explorer/Chrome or Firefox (your choice), using the auto tab round-robin feature, and cycle through a number of tabs, each pointing to a different Coresight display.

              As well as other non-coresight websites...