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Notification Acknowledgement, how to do it?

Discussion created by Lonnie Bowling Champion on Mar 30, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2010 by dmoler

Below is my code. It does not work. No surprise since I am posting. What it does, is add a comment to the notification instance. The oResult returns a value of “new instance”.

'Get Recent Alarms
Dim oRecent = NewAFTime("-1h")
notificationInstances = notificationList2.GetInstances(oRecent)

ForEach instances In notificationInstances
    Dim oNote = AFNotification.FindNotification(myPISystems.Item(mPISystem), instances.NotificationID)
    Dim oContact = oNote.NotificationContacts("Lonnie Bowling_Email")
    If oContact <> Nothing Then
        ForEach oInst In instances.Instances
            Dim oTest AsANNotification = NewANNotification(oNote)
            'Dim oTest As ANNotification = ANNotification.GetServiceVersionForDatabase(myDB)

            If oInst.IsAcknowledged = FalseThen
                Dim oResult = oTest.AcknowledgeInstance(oInst.InstanceID, oContact.ID, "test")
                'Dim oResult = oTest.AcknowledgeSubscription(oInst.InstanceID, oContact.ID, "test")
            End If
    End If

Another question associated with this code, how do I use the GetServiceVersionForDatabase function call? I would like to just use it since it is already started. It returns an integer, but I’m lost as to what to do with it.