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    Create Symbols in Processbook




      comin from my last topic (http://vcampus.osisoft.com/forums/p/904/4349.aspx#4349) I got some new Questions (Problems ;-))


      I want to create automatically (based on the drop event) new symbols (Trend, Value, Bar, XY-Plot) on the active display. I've done this for all of them except to Trend - there I've a problem with the creation.


      I try to do this with this command:

      sym = (Symbol)this.app.ActiveDisplay.Symbols._xAdd(PBObjLib.pbSYMBOLTYPE.pbSymbolXYPlot);
      sym = (Symbol)this.app.ActiveDisplay.Symbols._xAdd(PBObjLib.pbSYMBOLTYPE.pbSymbolValue);
      sym = (Symbol)this.app.ActiveDisplay.Symbols._xAdd(PBObjLib.pbSYMBOLTYPE.pbSymbolBar);

      //Dont Works:
      sym = (Symbol)this.app.ActiveDisplay.Symbols._xAdd(PBObjLib.pbSYMBOLTYPE.pbSymbolBTrend);
      // Exception Message "Der übertragene Parameter wird zurzeit nicht unterstützt"
      // which means "The submitted paramter is not supported at this time".


      Is there another way to create symbols - especially trends?


      Another question I have is, after I created the specific symbols I want to programmatically open the configuration dialog for the specific symbol. Maybe somebody of you knows how to do this?


      Thanks for answers in advance


      greetings from Austria