Powershell & Archive Maintaince

Discussion created by wpurrer on Apr 2, 2010
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I like to write an task which "maintaince" the archives (reprocess) => and i also like to write this script in powershell.


The issue i have, that the piarchss -if xxx -of xxx somehow doesn't work in powershell (i looks like the arguments aren't processed to the piarchss)


( i found some issues on the internet with multiple arguments, but i still have no clue how to get this to work)


for example: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2137092/powershell-sending-multiple-parameter-to-a-external-command


Here is my sourceffile .. maybe someone has an idea why ?

function ProcessFile
    Write-Host "Processing Archive"    $args[0]

    $tempname = $args[0] + "_Temp"
    $orgname = $args[0]

    Write-Host "Try to unregister"   

    # Unregister Archive => works
    c:\pi\adm\piartool -au $orgname

    Write-Host "Try to Rename"   

    # Rename both files
    ren $orgname $tempname
    ren $orgname".ann" $tempname".ann"

    Write-Host "Try to Process"   

    # Process the Archives  => Idea A
    $arg1 = '-if'
    $arg2 = $tempname
    $arg3 = '-of'
    $arg4 = $orgname

    $allArgs = @($arg1, $arg2, $arg3, $arg4)   
    c:\pi\bin\piarchss $allArgs

    # Process the Archives  => Idea B
    c:\pi\bin\piarchss "-if","$tempname","-of","$orgname"

    Write-Host "Try to Register"   
    # Register the Archive => works
    c:\pi\adm\piartool -ar $orgname
    Write-Host "Fertig"

ProcessFile D:\PIArchives\History\PIArch_2005_01_01

Between  Try to Process and Try to Register there is no message on the screen


The command works if i just use it in the command prompt.