RecordedValues filter expression

Discussion created by cmwirun on Apr 3, 2010
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Hi All,


I'm working through one of the standard C# SDK samples and I have a question.  The PIData.RecordedValues method takes a filter expression.  When I run the sample I get an exception:


Failed to retrieve events from server.  [-12301] Performance Equation parsing error


This is the code in the sample (slightly modified to use PITimeFormat params, instead of strings):

pvsArchivedValues = _ptPIPoint.Data.RecordedValues(start.LocalDate, end.LocalDate, BoundaryTypeConstants.btOutside, "*", FilteredViewConstants.fvRemoveFiltered, null);

It seems like the filter expression is bad (hense the parse error) since when I make it an empty string, the call works.  What kinds of expressions are used to filter the results, and why would there have been a "*" in there in the first place?