PI - Automation of Maintaince

Discussion created by wpurrer on Apr 6, 2010
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I like to start a discussion on how the maintaince of the PI - System is done.


What my general Idea is to get the maintaince cost as low as possible.


(an EA - Aggreement is in my world view not a way to get maintaince cost as low as possible)


My way of doing this  is that 99 % of the regular task and "emergency task" should be automated.


Tasks like:

  • Reprocessing the Archive  (See also Call #: 296881)
  • Checking of all the Important Parameters of the System are in the range where it is ok.
  • Checking if the interface is working (also on the interface side)
    • We have some troubles where the the interfaces have lost data, where all the health tags looked where all ok  (see Call# 294656 )
    • The Idea to check the buffer and so ... afterwards is a bad idea

I'm sure there are tasks like this already written.... what is your idea / approach of this ?