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Disable 'substituted' arrow from RtGraphic svg files?

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Apr 8, 2010
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Hi guys


We've just delivered yet another Sharepoint big screen display, consisting of 7 RtGraphic webparts displaying crucial real time information for a customer in the Oil & Gas business.


Some of the tags we use in these SVG-converted ProcessBook displays, are being substituted on a regular basis. Now, while the yellow 'substitution' arrow appearing over the tag value is useful in many, many cases, this is not one of them. It interferres with the displayed numbers/letters, making them harder to interpret - and the customer wants them removed.


I found that in ProcessBook you can disable these symbols, but it seems this is an application level setting - which doesn't follow the file. My question would then be - is there any way (official or unofficial) to (permanently) disable the symbols in either the RtGraphic webpart or RtBaseline? ( /