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    Trend legend degradation behaviour


      By default, if the trend legend does not have the vertical space to display all the configured items, it drops them until it does have space. Our customer has a set of 'trend' displays containing a number of elements and a large trend symbol with anything from 1 to 22 traces (possibly more in the future).


      If a display is only showing a few traces, they want the tag name and the current value, which is fine. If the display shows many traces such that there is no room for name and value, they want the tag name. But the trend symbol is only showing the value and not the name. Is there any way, either manually or programmatically, of getting the trend symbol to show the tag name instead?


      These displays would usually be viewed through Active View within Windows Explorer, if that makes a difference.




      --- Alistair.

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          While working on this webinar, I wrote some lines that might help you:

          ' The Trendformat
          Dim MyFormat As PBSymLib.TrendFormat
          ' Load the Trendformat from the Trend
          MyFormat = MyTrend.GetFormat
          ' Modify it
          With MyFormat
             ' Description
             .ShowDescription = True
             ' EngineeringUnits
             .ShowEngUnits = False
             ' The Grid
             .ShowGrids = True
             ' No Servername
             .ShowServerName = False
             ' But Tagname
             .ShowTagName = True
             ' No Title
             .ShowTitle = False
             ' Show the Value
             .ShowValue = False
          ' Apply the Format to the Trend

          more on the webinar