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    DevNet - Plugins and "Error in hidden Module" - Excel error


      Hello !


       I have a Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server with Excel 2003 + 2007 and the pi client tools (processbook, excel addin,..) installed.


      After the installation of some devnet plugins for example (radar chart or manual input) i always got there error messages


        "Error in loading DLL"  and  "Error in hidden module ThisWorkBook"   after starting Excel 2003  (and also some when i close excel)


        "Error in loading DLL" in Excel 2007


      I only get this error message if i use a user without administrator rights.


      Why does a "processbook" plugin installation kill my excel ??


      Does someone else have this issue ?


      Are there more knowing issues with devnet examples ? 

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          I would like to invite you to contact our Technical Support team instead (TechSupport@osisoft.com - +1-510-297-5828 ). The OSIsoft vCampus program and its various features are really meant for programming, development and integration topics. Just like Microsoft's MSDN. On the other hand, "end-user" and "PI administration" questions (e.g. installation, configuration, usage, etc.) are still best handled by our technical support team.

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              Hallo Andreas:


              The legacy DevNet content does not represent official material from OSIsoft and therefore is provided "as is" with no warranty of any kind, and is not covered by regular technical support


              Source:  http://vCampus.osisoft.com/Library/library.aspx


              But i found the solution by myself and as you requested, i also informed the support.




              Windows 2008 R2


              After the installation oft the  devnet plugins (for example radar chart or manual input plugin) the excel plugins doesn't work anymore, 


              After opening  excel  .. i receive messages like:
                 "Error with loading a dll"
                 "compile error hidden module"


              For example the Tag  Configurator Plugin 2.1.3 is affected


              Steps to reproduce:

              1. Windows 2008 R2 + PI - Excel Plugins
              2. Login as a user with administrator Rights
              3. Install a devnet - Plugin
              4. Login as user with only „user" rights.
              5. Start Excel.

              The Setup routine has a bug, it tries to register the COMDLG32.OCX and the mscomctl.ocx in User Directory of the user who installs the  plugin.


              If the "standard" user opens the excel, which opens the  Plugins which uses the 2 activexcontrols  it crashes (because of now rights)  with the errormessages above.


              This can detected with the prcoess monitor from sysinternals.


              Change the two entries in the Registry:


              HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\ ... \ 1.2\0\win32  for this two files 
              c:\users\....\Windows\....  to c:\windows\syswow64