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Showcase thread: Sharepoint portal site for ConocoPhillips

Discussion created by Asle Frantzen Champion on Apr 13, 2010
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Hello vCampus community


As I've been one of the people requesting a sub forum for project showcases - I'll start by giving a brief description of a project we've delivered to ConocoPhillips Scandinavia, which is the european headquarters for the american oil company. The portal site has been developed since 2006 (by Amitec alone or with partners) and I'm currently working on the "2010 enhancements".


The site - called Colibri - is in daily use by production engineers onshore, and operators / engineers offshore. It fits nicely into the 'Integrated Operations' way of thinking, and helps the organization in many ways. "Excel engineering" or "Management by Excel" is now history for those parts included in the Colibri project, thus ensuring all people are working on the same data at any time.


The site started out as a Sharepoint Portal Server 2003, and was upgraded to MOSS in 2008 - making us the first internal project to utilize MOSS. It consists of RtWebParts and custom webparts tailored to the customer's needs. All webparts implement two connection interfaces - server-side and client-side (ajax) - so that no page refresh is neccessary when navigating through the contents of the different webparts on a page, and so that we can communicate seamlessly with the RtWebparts.


This screenshot doesn't show the variety of the custom webparts, but gives a general impression of the site (dummy data):





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