Introduction to the project

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Apr 13, 2010
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Firstly, thanks to the vCampus team for pulling together the Community projects forums!  I know it has taken some discussions behind the scenes.


Now to the project, "AF Symbol Drop" (I couldn't think of a better name just yet).


It will do exactly what the name suggests, allow you to drop a symbol on to a display from AF and have Properties and/or VBA code automatically populated according to the symbol's configuration in AF.  Eventually you will be able to drop a series of symbols on to a display in one drag/drop of the mouse.


Why am I building this?
In my time with ProcessBook I have built endless number of displays where I either copy and paste symbols from one display to another, or have common appearance properties that I need to apply to symbols and even the situation where I need some common VBA applying to a display / symbol event (that doesn't warrant an addin).  I want to simplify this ongoing process and create a repository of symbol definitions in AF so all users of such an addin within a company location level, enterprise level or public domain can benefit from.


I will shortly be adding more details for how the first version will work including some documentation so watch this space.  Any feedback or questions at this time, feel free to post them within this forum section!