Further .net AddIn Questions (Symbols & Datasets)

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I refer with this post to my last AddIn Enquiry --> http://vcampus.osisoft.com/forums/t/939.aspx


At the moment I've 2 AddIns where I've some questions:


ADDIN1 offers Drag'n Drop Functionality to processbook - I cann add Tags to existing Trends or If I drop a Tag on a blank display I create a type of symbol. Here I've 2 Questions:


1) If I've overlapping symbols on my display and I drop a Tag on these overlapping Symbols how can I get the top most of the symbols (to add the tag to it)
2) With the functionalities mentioned above I also can create a XY-Plot - this works but I dont know how to set the tagname for the object - I dont know the real type of the object

sym = (Symbol)this.app.ActiveDisplay.Symbols._xAdd(PBObjLib.pbSYMBOLTYPE.pbSymbolXYPlot);
XY = (XY)sym ???
XY.setTag ????


ADDIN1 offers for a selected trend a window where all the tags of the trend will be displayed in a tabular way (DataTime, Tag1, Tag2, Tag3) this works fine with tags but unfortunately we also have datasets displayed in the trends and I dont know how to get the data for these datasets (for the tags I got the data via OSI SDK). I hope there is somewhere a built-in function and that it is not necessary to program all the calculations by myself???