New Community Projects deliver collaborative-based application development.

Discussion created by mmiller on Apr 14, 2010
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Many members have expressed interest in supporting open source projects within the vCampus Community.  The ability to work on applications collaboratively in our community is a powerful concept and we are delighted to be able to support this new initiative.  Maybe you have already noticed a new forum group in the Discussion Hall called Community Projects, listing the first of the community projects. 


Each of these projects was proposed by one of your fellow members along with a starting project source base.  There are two ways to participate. 


1.    Take a look at the projects and decide if you would like to contribute to the effort.  To make it easier to evaluate we have included that project status to the title.
Just initiate discussion threads to suggest enhancements, report bugs or contribute your own lines of code.


2.    Second, if you are interested in initiating and managing your own Community Project, send a note to the vCampus Team with your idea and we’ll get you started (see the attached file for more detail).


There is obviously a lot more that can be done to expand this concept if it is widely exploited.  Today we can support a lots of single owner projects with many contributors, which can spawn derivative projects if necessary.  We have updated the Terms of Use to include the open-source licenses for code contributors.  Take a look at that and note that projects using any OSIsoft proprietary interfaces (like the SDKs) need to be published within OSIsoft vCampus rather, not on third-party sites like Microsoft CodePlex.


Again, we are really excited about this initiative and the initial projects we have, and look forward to your contributions.  I would like to say a special thanks to Michael van der Veeken, Mohamed Merigh, Felix Hanisch, and Rhys who have offered ideas and projects to the community and helped us deliver on this concept.  Thank-you all we really appriciate your support!


“Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” - Mattie Stepanek