PITrend's Data on worksheet problem

Discussion created by AztecTechnologies on Apr 15, 2010
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I am plotting the traces of data on the worksheet. I have one time column and 4 value columns.


Whenever I add these to the PITrend by selecting the range, I get an extra trace when I right click on the trend and click format.


Data below would explain. (Ignore the value Configure . It don't have any effect on this issue. )


While selecting "Data on Worksheet"  when defining trend I select range as "Sheet1!$G$1:$K$6"




The legends show 4 traces but the PITrend control properties window will show 5 traces!!! Where is this extra 5'th trace coming from? Also for more information the 5'th trace is that of Glucose. Please help. Thanks


PI Datalink Version : 4.0.3