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    PITrend's Data on worksheet problem




      I am plotting the traces of data on the worksheet. I have one time column and 4 value columns.


      Whenever I add these to the PITrend by selecting the range, I get an extra trace when I right click on the trend and click format.


      Data below would explain. (Ignore the value Configure . It don't have any effect on this issue. )


      While selecting "Data on Worksheet"  when defining trend I select range as "Sheet1!$G$1:$K$6"




      The legends show 4 traces but the PITrend control properties window will show 5 traces!!! Where is this extra 5'th trace coming from? Also for more information the 5'th trace is that of Glucose. Please help. Thanks


      PI Datalink Version : 4.0.3







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          This is weird. I tried doing the exact same thing that you described, with the same version of Datalink on Excel 2007. It doesn't seem to be giving me the same problem. I guess standard troubleshooting questions apply here, if you do this on another instance of Excel, or another machine does it give you the same problem?


          If you open another option in right-click menu, "Trend Definition", does it show 4 or 5 traces?


          Given what you described, I can't see any reason why a 5th trace would appear in the format menu. I would encourage you to engage our Techsupport team as well. They would be able to assist you in this type of issue

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              Exactly , this is really weird. I tried adding the trends using both VBA and manually but both gave me same result on every machine. I don't have Excel 2007. I ran this trend on Excel 2003.


              When I right click to define trends, it does show 4 traces. One more thing happened yesterday. I didn't mind PITrend control window showing 5 traces as the trend on the sheet was showing 4 traces which I wanted. But when I went to change the color of first trace , PITrenc control automatically added one more traces . Further everytime I change the color ( or change thickness etc under the format options ) , it added extra trace not only in PITrend control window but on the trend on the sheet as well!!!


              Here is how it looks like when I change the color of first trace.


              Trend Control Properties:



              Define Trend Window:



              PIExcel Data control properties (After going in VBA mode and selecting Modify the data sources ).







              I will contact the techsupport . Thanks