Resetting Event times using Wall Clock

Discussion created by egove Employee on Apr 16, 2010
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Noam Arbel

In looking at some of our scenarios, there are cases where we want to change the input adapter a bit. What we need is to have the timestamp on the point events be the wall clock (i.e. the time when the event is raised), and not the original PI time of the event (coming from the meter). We would like to have the original PI/meter time in the payload of the event. Is there a way to do that ...?


This really represents two topics: 1. resetting the time stamp of events using wall clock and 2. including a timestamp in an event payload.


I'm not clear on the "use cases" or scenarios requiring automatic modification of time stamps nor maintaining time stamps w/in the event's payload. At present, I am inclined to address this later.