Loading assemblies from Data Reference

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Apr 19, 2010
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Want to float an idea that I would like some feedback on.


I am working on a project where I may end up with a ProcessBook addin that talks heavily with AF.  What I am going to look at doing is having a reserved section of AF that uses a custom Data Reference to supply an assembly (or more) to the ProcessBook addin from which the addin will load (reflection etc) the bulk of the logic that the addin needs to perform.  In this manner, there would only be a one time distribution of the addin to users and updates to logic are performed on the AF server thus easily distributed (addin will check when loading).  There will be lots of iterations to the logic of the addin as time goes on so it needs to be easily distributed to large number of users plus AF is core to the addin.


Any obvious flaws/issues anyone could see with this type of addin?

(This is a cross of Processbook / AF but it is the AF part of this that I would like input on hence posted in this forum.)