PI Server 2010 and AF Server 2010 Release Candidates

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We are pleased to announce the availability of the PI Server 2010 and AF Server 2010 Release Candidates (RC) on vCampus! This is an exciting milestone since this the first early release of a PI Server available to the vCampus community!


This is the first version of PI Server that delivers both PI and AF as a single infrastructure. It essentially synchronizes the PI Module Database and AF asset models such that you can leverage all of AF's asset-centric and organization capabilities, while protecting your existing investment in tools that leverage PI Points and the PI Module Database. In other words, the PI Server 2010 delivers the combination of time-series data in an Enterprise Historian and asset metadata in AF, which is based on Microsoft’s latest SQL Server technology.


You will find the following under the "Pre-Release" area of the vCampus Download Center:

  • PI Server 2010 RC (both 32- and 64-bit)
  • PI SMT 2010 RC (with the "ModuleDB to AF Preparation Wizard")
  • AF Server 2010 RC
  • AF Client 2010 RC (includes AF SDK 2010 RC)
  • AF Developer Tools 2010 RC

You will also find the Community Technology Preview (CTP) version of the new AF Builder Excel Add-In (which replaces the old AF 1.x Configurator Excel Add-In).




Make sure you read all appropriate release notes and do not hesitate to consult the user manuals on the vCampus Library:

  • See the User Manuals the "vCampus PI Products Kit > Server Products > PI Server 2010 RC" and "AF Server 2010 RC" branches
  • See the AF SDK 2010 RC programming references under the "vCampus PI Products Kit > Data Access Technologies" branch

Since this is a Release Candidate, please forward questions, comments, issues to BetaPIServer@osisoft.com rather than Tech Support.