PI Totalizer points

Discussion created by formerpigeek on Apr 21, 2010
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We are creating totalizer points to calculate Avg, Min, Max and Total at every 15min, 30min and 1hour, archive is enabled for all of these points. We have following doubts about these totalizer points


1. For 30min we would like to have 15min data as the input and make sure it runs after the 15min data is collected. This means the 30min should have two 15min data as the input. Can we configure this in PI server?


2. The 15min calculated data should consider only the previous 15min values stored for the specified tag source and not the entire data.


3. Suppose if we override any old value in the PI Archive, can we force these Totalizer points to recalculate the Avg, Min, Max and Total upto the last calculated time?




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