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    Forum feature request: Syntax highlighting


      Edit: this thread originates from the old “vCampus” forum and ´can be considered outdated with the move to the new PI Square / Jive platform in December 2014.

      How to post code? Is on the same subject for PI Square / PI Developers Club platform. - Patrice


      When I c/p code to the vCampus forum, I place it in a "[.code]", "[/.code]" (ommiting the dots) block.


      When I c/p directly from VS, the syntax highlighting is copied (which is good), but my newlines are messed up. What I usually do is first c/p it to notepad, and then c/p it into the code block (by then I have lost my syntax hightlighting).


      Do you guys have any tips on this?


      My first thought would be to have syntax highlighting in the code block. Specifieing it with 'language=c#', or 'language=vbnet'.


      It would be nice to have automatic syntax highlighting for:

      • C#
      • VB.NET
      • VB
      • XML / XAML

      If I'm missing something with the c/p from VS this feature request can be ignored