How can I output a system digital state for a non-digital point?

Discussion created by yjl on Apr 26, 2010
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I would like to know how can I output a system digital state for a non-digital point. I would like to output "No Sample" each time the calc is triggered to a point (value_out) which is defined as float32. I am using VB6 with ACE version 1.2.32 


Here is the code I have vritten, the result of the ACE calculation says "Calc Failed". "No Sample" is a valid digital state in the system digital state table.


What s wrong in my calc?


Thanks - Yves Lahaye 

' SendNoInput\GLOSS_AVG\Trigger_in        Trigger_in
' SendNoInput\GLOSS_AVG\Value_out         Value_out
Public Sub ActualPerformanceEquations()

    Dim SendNoInput As PIModule
    Dim Time_Delay As Single
    Dim Trigger_time As Long
        Dim Offset As Double
        Set SendNoInput = GetPIModuleFromPath(mstrACEContext)
        Time_Delay = SendNoInput.PIProperties.Item("DeadTimeSec")
        Offset = SendNoInput.PIProperties.Item("Offset")
        LogPIACEMessage mlUserMessage, "Sleeping " & Time_Delay & " Seconds", mstrRegisteredName
        Sleep (Time_Delay * 1000)
        Trigger_time = Trigger_in.ExeTime + Offset
        Set Value_out.Value(Trigger_time) = Value_out.DigState("No Sample")