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Discussion created by retetes on Apr 27, 2010
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 I have a problem with my ACE Module


 In dev server all works OK. I have copied all libraries from Classlibraries of devserver to Classlibraries of production server.


 When I try to start the ACE in production context returns an error with text 'Failed to create object' (it creates the aceshadowcopy library). No more messages found in Log messages. Both, dll and Module are started (green in ACE Manager).


 What is happening?


 I thought that problem was on environment differences but they are very similars (see below).


 How can I get more info about the ACE Error? .net error? some one has resolved same problem? Other discussion thread can help me?










 - Windows 2003 Enterprise SP 1. PISDK 1.3.6, PIACE


production Server:


 - Windows 2003 standar SP 2. PISDK 1.3.6, PIACE


ACE Module developed with visual studio 2008, .net 2.0 libraries, PISDK 1.3.6 (references to PIACE and PISDK libraries are set with 'Copy Local' and 'Specific Version' set to false). Libreries versions: OSIsoft.PIACENet.dll, OSIsoft.PIACECommon.dll versión, OSIsoft.PISDK.dll, OSIsoft.PISDKCommon.dll, OSIsoft.PITimeServer.dll