The new PI / PISDK Engineering plans

Discussion created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Apr 29, 2010

I think a lot of us are waiting in anticipation for PISDK 1.4.0. It was first planned for Q1 2010, then for Q2 2010, and now in the PISDK Release Schedule it's planned for H2 2010 (which could eventually mean it will be released as early as July or as late as December 2010.


PISDK 1.4.0 would mean that we can make real (and easy) use the HA possibilities of a PI server setup. It seems a very essential piece of the puzzle.


I was wondering if anyone could comment on the reason of the delay, and maybe has some more information on the actual release time frame.


Another issue is the PI Enterprise Server Engineering Plan. Not so long ago, the SSB feature was mentioned for a future release. Some time before that, Future Data was mentioned for a future release. The current Engineering Plan does not mention both functionalities.


We (as a company) are in dire need for Future Data support, and are now implementing it using the OLEDB COM Connector. Since this is not a very good long term solution for high demand systems, it would be nice to have an idea when we can expect to upgrade to a PI version that natively supports Future Data. Can anyone comment on this?