EventPipe Event order

Discussion created by ygalipeau on May 3, 2010
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hello everyone,


question regarding eventpipe.


I am using the eventpipe object to treat data coming from pi. In the application, i am doing something like

for i = 0 to eventpipe.count - 1
    eventObject = _piEventPipe.Take()
next i

What i have observe is that I have the following information coming from the Take method calls:


Tag: FaultCode time: 4:34:22 AM value: Fault1
Tag: FaultCode time: 6:22:14 AM value: Fault2
Tag: FaultCode time: 5:11:05 AM value: Fault3


As you see, the data are not in time sequence. Now my question: is the order of the data in the pipe is the same as it was sent to the server? How this order is handle by the event pipe?