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    vCampus UC Focus Group sets direction for the community


      We would like to thank those of you who attended the vCampus focus group held last Monday prior to the OSIsoft Users Conference. We appreciate your time and input and were glad to find that you care about the program by exploring ways to get more out of it.


      This was not a "one-time opportunity" to voice your opinion – we meant it as a kick-off for more discussions online.  Please take a minute to look over the notes from the meeting. We also recorded the meeting which is available online (meeting number is '339 510 135' password is 'vCampus' in case you need it).


      Together we are striving for an even stronger community.  Join the discussion, let us know what you think!

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          At first, thanks to OSIsoft (specially Matt and Steve) for giving the vCampus members the opportunity to join in and discuss the future of this community. One very nice thing to mention is that at the beginning of the meeting, Matt told us that every idea was acceptable, and that there where no restrictions on suggestions. I really appreciated that.


          The combined tech support / vcampus search engine is a must for the future in my opinion. I think there will be some technical difficulties implementing such a searchengine, but the benefits and added value will be enormous.


          As for code sharing, there are the community projects, but there was also this topic in where members where invited to share code snippets. This didn't get much attention, so again I would like to invite everyone to join in and share their code snippets in this topic.


          As for 4.6 (Taking the discussion to another level: creating more of a community feeling), I think is one of the most important ones. In my opinion, a lot of the other initatives are only possible when a there is a stronger feeling of commitment and involvement. If only a few members share their code snippets, or initiate discussions (other then question - answer), the forum will not be very much alive. Someone opted the issue of vCampus being a subscription (payed) based community, and therefore members are expecting some type of support, instead of (maybe) very actively joining in discussions and initiatives (like the community projects). I think this is a very good point. I can totally understand not everyone here wanting to spent free time into vCampus. But, somehow I'm really interested into getting more of a community feeling into vCampus...