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I have a PE tag that I want to move to ACE to take advantage of Clock Scheduling. When I move it into VB (I'm using Visual Studio 2005) I get an error "Expression Expected" From what I can see I have an expression. Does it not see the PrevValue function that I used in the PE equation. Probably something pretty simple, any help would be appreciated.



Public Overrides Sub ACECalculations()
  NR_Unit_1_Mwh_Out_Hourly.Value =   IF NR Unit_1_Mwh_Out.value < PrevVal(NR_Unit_1_Mwh_Out.value,*-1h) 
  THEN NR_Unit_1_Mwh_Out.value - PrevVal(NR_Unit_1_Mwh_Out.value, *-1h)+ 1000000 
  ELSE  NR_Unit_1_Mwh_Out.value - PrevVal(NR_Unit_1_Mwh_Out.value, *-1h)
End Sub

Thanks, Ron