"CALC FAILED" after midnight due to timestamps

Discussion created by dbloyd on May 13, 2010
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I have created a few tags to track up/down time on equipment per shift. Out of the five tags created only two work all the time. The other three stop working after midnight. I know why they are failing,  start time(t+7h) end time(+12h)   works fine, however start time(t+19h) end time(+12h) does not, I am assuming this is because at midnight its a new day and my start time is now after my end time before the 12h elapsed. I'm sure there is a way to enter the start time and end time in a way that this will not happen but I am having a time figuring out what that way is.




ex. (TimeEq('22shtbrk','t+19h','+12h',"OFF")/60)


Any help is appreciated.




Derek Loyd