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    AF training


      Is there vCampus training for AF?

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          Nick D'Orazio

          Below is a general e-mail I send to people who request AF training materials.  This info is rather old.  In addition, there are two fairly recent programmer webinars on vCampus on AF

          At http://vCampus.osisoft.com/media/ Steve Pilon has at least 2 vCampus webinars on AF 2.x programming.

          Also, FYI, the Client CBT has a solid 90 minutes on AF 1.1 server and an hour on AF in PB if you want a primer on AF. True it is out of date but with Steve's "What's New in AF 2" webinar to bring them up to speed it might fill some gaps. Our CBTs can all be found online for vCampus members in the Training Center.

          Usually people working with AF are also working with Notifications; if you are in this situation take a look at the webinars on Ntofication also.


          There is currently no material that we can share from our new AF class. However, we have material from previous user conference and developer conference learning labs that we can share, if the customer has access to the normal technical support downloads.

          PI AF: Here’s a summary of what exists currently and what we plan for AF training.

          At one point we were teaching AF 1.x as an optional ½ day for the ProcessBook, DataLink, RtWebParts Class because AF 1.x is supported in the clients through the AF Modeler and the Excel Add-in. However, few customers were interested in this class so we no longer offer it.

          In a situation like this we try to supplement public instruction with webinars. We have produced two AF specific webinars. The webinars that you might want to look at regarding AF are:
          P rocessBook v3.1 Training, 12/11/2008
          Analysis Framework Element Templates and the AF Plug-in to ProcessBook, 11/30/2006 (It is old, and uses a previous version of the AF Data and Modeler plug-in to PB, but most of the concepts haven’t changed.)

          In addition, we demonstrate very briefly how to trend in ProcessBook the Properties of AF Elements in the webinar “ProcessBook v3.1 Training”.

          These webinars are for customers and partners of OSIsoft who have active active Software Reliance Program (SRP) subscriptions. I’ve pasted instructions below (Note A) on how to view a webinar replay below.

          In addition, we have learning labs on PI AF that were featured at the 2008 User Conference. These are self-paced class exercises (complete with working programming examples and step-by-step solutions) for download. You can find at http://training.osisoft.com/Downloads/Special%20Events/ the file User Conference 2008 (37 MB) (tech support registration required to download). (The direct link is http://techsupport.osisoft.com/techsupport/NonTemplates/Download%20Center/Documentation/StreamFiles.aspx?file_id=F74B9256-8701-4FED-B214-B59F33564F74.) See the labs called Configuring an Element in PI AF and Element Versioning and Security.

          PI Notifications: The customer did not ask specifically about Notifications, but it is an application that is closely tied to AF. Also, it is something that will be taught in the upcoming AF class. All of what we will teach in that class can be learned from our webinar replays:

          One Hour of PI Notification Basics - Configuring a Notification and Escalation Workflow
          PI Notifications: Troubleshooting Integration with E-Mail and RtWebParts

          The customer can also find learning labs that teach about Notifications in the 2008 User Conference download that I mention above.

          Here are instructions on how to view our webinar replays:

          *** Begin Note A ***
          Please go here:
          The public webinar page: http://training.osisoft.com/Downloads/Webinars/Training_Webinars.htm. (This is where you land if you follow HYPERLINK http://www.osisoft.com > Events > Webinars > Show Me How Training Webinars.) Everyone can see this, it is not protected.

          Then choose the “Click Here” link which is a link to here:
          The “SRP Only” webinar page: http://training.osisoft.com/Downloads/Webinars/Training_WebinarsIndex.htm

          At that point, if you are not currently logged in to your tech support account, you will be prompted to log in. If at any point if you log in successfully and your SSO account is already associated with a site AND that site has a current SRP agreement, then you land successfully on the “SRP Only” webinar page above and can view or download any of the training webinars.

          If your SSO is NOT already associated with a site that has a current SRP agreement, you will be redirected to a web page with instructions on how to request that your SSO account be associated with your site.

          *** End Note A ***

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            Update: There is now online training for AF through the Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs) hosted here on the community in the Learn PI space.


            The current courses related to AF are:

            Building Asset Hierarchies with PI AF

            Configuring Analytics with PI AF


            Registration for an upcoming session can be done through the Learning Site. For questions on these online courses, please check out the course pages above or the Online Courses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information!