PI & Batch & Datalink (Batch Best Practice ??)

Discussion created by wpurrer on May 25, 2010
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We have 8 Production Units without about each 3 Batches per Day.
Each Batches containes about 80 Values.

I have to create a month report about all the values and batches from a month. In this example 3*8 * 80 = 200 Values * 30 Days = 6000 Values.


* First Approach


We created a excel / datalink based on Batchview - XLS add in an DataLink - Calculated Values


:-( Even the daily reports took minutes


* Second Approach


I created an SDK - based solution ( ;-) sorry guys no ace,...) which copys the calucaltion in a new Tag (timestamped with the endtime


:-( a little bit faster, but still .. not userfriendly


* Third Approach


We removed the Batchview and only worked with compressed Data.


:-( fast, but a couple of datalink bugs appear, and we don't have the batchview features anymore:


* Forth Approach


* I copy the data into an SQL - Table. (now working on it)




What's your approach .. with Batch and PI....


Is there a recommended Solution from Osisoft?