Nick D'Orazio

The online courses now have links to the class documentation.

Discussion created by Nick D'Orazio on May 26, 2010

You might notice that the Online Courses available at Training Center > Online Courses have been updated. The class documentation has been added as a link on the main menu for each class labeled "Documentation and Other Files" And some typos have been corrected.


Also, if you haven't seen the online courses for a while you may not know about the new "site search" page on each course. Look for the site search link on the main menu of each course. It will allow you to find a topic of interest located anywhere in the course.


p.s. We are in the process of updating the "PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink and RtWebParts" course to include the new features of ProcessBook 3.2, DataLink 4.1, and RtWebParts 2.2. This should be done by the end of the 2nd quarter, 2010.