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    Using PI Logger for manual logs

      Hi, I have a scenario where in I have to write manual logs from my applications (which makes use of PI SDK) and, for this I would like to know if I can make use of PI Systems logging mechanism. I have included PI SDK references in my application and I would appreciate if anybody can help us as to how PI System logging can be used by PI SDK or any other mechanism to make use of PI Logger. Thanks & Regards Kavita
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          Hi Kavita,


          You can 1st look at an example available in the PI SDK Programming Reference which you can download from the Library section. There are a examples that you can refer to on how you can write messages to message log. You can look for "SendLogMessage" and "MessageLog" examples in the reference.


          Another quick way to look at it is in the PI SDK help file (open About-PISDK, select "View Help").


          If you have more questions regarding the examples, we can discuss it further. =]

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            Can you explain your needs a bit more? Will you write custom message in PI Server log? This is useful< for example, for ACE calculations (because there's no user interface) or for some other special needs. I have sample of this code (I think that I've already posted it here; I try tom locate it)