C# and InterpolatedValues2

Discussion created by osisoft@c3global on Jun 1, 2010
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Hi All,


I have worked my way through PI_AppDev_v10 and PIProgramming101 and got evertgthing working OK except using the InterpolatedValues2 call. I think the problem is how I am setting the object in C# as I can get it working in VBnet. Using the 101 code snippet format I get InterpolatedValues working OK

PISDK.PIValues_interValues = _point.Data.InterpolatedValues("*-24h", "*", 96, "", PISDK.FilteredViewConstants.fvShowFilteredState, null);

but when I try to use InterpolatedValues2 as follows

PISDK.IPIData2 _interdat = _server.PIPoints["cdt158"].Data; << this is the line that gives the error
PISDK.PIValues _interValues = _interdat.InterpolatedValues2("31/05/2010 09:00:00", "01/06/2010 09:00:00", "15m", "", PISDK.FilteredViewConstants.fvShowFilteredState, null);

Do you have a snippet that shows how the object is setup/referenced?


Many Thanks