Alarm customization

Discussion created by formerpigeek on Jun 2, 2010
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Hi, I need to address the following scenarios in my application using PI Alarm view.

  1. I would like to display a custom text in the Alarm viewer for each and every Alarm, I tried specifying the message in the Text property of the Alarm point. But these texts are not being displayed in the alarm view when an alarm is triggered.
  2. Is there a way where in we can define or apply our own filters on Alarm History.
  3. I want to display all of the unacknowledged alarms in alarm view and when the alarm is recovered I would like to display an alarm saying the so and so alarm was recovered. Ex: Say a High limit violation alarm is occured and acknowledged by the user, next the value comes below the High limit and hence generally speaking the alarm is recovered, this I would like to generate as a Alarm so that user would come to know that the High alarm has been recovered.

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