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    Tank Cutaways in the Symbol Library


      I have been wondering about this for quite a while and finally thought I would ask.


      What is the point of the cutaways page in the symbol library?


      The cutaways look like they are intended to be a view 'into' a tank and the most obvious use for this is to show the tank level. However there does not seem to be an easy way to put a bar 'behind' the cutaway so that it only shows through the 'hole'. On reflection, I think I can see why this is not possible: the Background colour would need to show not the bar immediately behind it, but the tank behind that. The fill colour would just need to be transparant as normal.


      What actually happens is the Background colour is the only one that can be set and it only has the normal options of specific colours or 'none'. The only way to change the fill colour is to set the cutaway as a multistate.


      So it seems cutaways can be used to show the tank content's state (temperature, pressure etc) as a colour but not to show the tank level. Or am I missing something? How are they supposed to be used?




      --- Alistair

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          Alistair, like you the only use I found was to multistate a cutaway based on the product in a tank to show product type. 
          I did once use the jagged cutaway to show the level like you see on some slick DCS displays only it wasn't as slick Just drew a polygon around the outside of the jagged cutaway set to the colour of the tank, set the cutaway to be Hollow and then put a bar behind the cutaway.  Just a bit long winded for something so simple.

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            Bumping an old topic here, but I finally found a use for the tank cutaway! This is probably a "bad solution", but I was satisfying my curiosity more than anything else! I cut and paste the tank and a tank cutaway into Inkscape so I have a nice vectorised tank with cutaway I exported that as a high resolution png (not exceeding height of 1000) then opened the png in photoshop and using the magic wand marquee, select the cutaway and delete it then save as png with transparency.


            The transparency won't show up in Processbook....it looks a bit bizarre! I was hoping it would work in coresight but no luck either...(level bar graph is on top of tank here but I moved it to back before next step)....



            This is the "bad solution" part.. I had a quick look at image properties by using F12 in chrome and seen it wasn't an image file link but an id, so I had a quick look at the images table in Coresight and found the corresponding ID. I then loaded my original png into the row instead, deleted the temp file from the windows temp folder on the web server, cleared temp files in my browser, refreshed and voila!!




            In case it helps anyone, SQL was...


            UPDATE [CSDB].[dbo].[Images]
               SET [Bitmap] = (SELECT * FROM OPENROWSET(BULK N'C:\myimage.png', SINGLE_BLOB) AS bitmap)
            WHERE ID = x

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